Maybe it's because you'll torch an average of 700 calories per 45-minute ride. Or maybe it's because regardless of your fitness level, you'll get a heart-pounding, yet low-impact workout, while maintaining the ability to go at your own pace. Whatever the reason, millions worldwide have found a lot to love about the Spinning® program.

Spinning is the original and most popular group cycling class, and it's not just because Spinning is an unmatched way to make your fitness goals a reality. With no complicated moves to learn, a motivating group environment, top-notch instructors and music that beg your legs to pedal, you'll find yourself having a blast while riding your way to a lean body.

pilatiesPower Pilates:

The key to success at The Pilates Studio is the quality of our teachers who are all certified by Power Pilates, the premier Pilates Certification Program in the US. We are a full Power Pilates studio with instruction on both mat and apparatus.

Our studio is based on the classical-style program, which is based on the principle that before working the peripheral parts of the body, the core (abdominal and back region) needs to be strong and stable. You will work with a certified Power Pilates instructor to find the connection with your core muscles. As you progress, your posture will improve, you will become stronger, and your thighs stomach and buttocks will be leaner and trimmer. Just two sessions per week creates results.

cardio-kickboxingCardio Kickboxing:

Cardio Kickboxing is the hottest workout ever to enter the fitness world. This workout will challenge you physically and mentally.  Punching and kicking the bag will get rid of you of your day-to-day stresses, while getting your body in the best shape ever. At Ellen’s Fitness, Cardio Kickboxing is taught by a real Martial Arts Instructors from Busto’s Karate (we share the same building!), who build confidence with every move you learn.

EnergENErG - Balanced & Nourished Lifestyles:

Ellen Nalaboff and Elyse Gropper have joined forces using their expansive and diverse backgrounds in Holistic Health Coaching, Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness. Their Objective is to empower clients to successfully achieve a lifestyle that will grant a life of energy, balance and good health.

physioballPhysio Ball:

Used in physical therapy and athletic rehabilitation before the fitness world discovered how effective it can be for anyone looking to improve their fitness. A large inflated ball provides support in exercises used to strengthen muscles, burn fat, improve flexibility and balance. The soft texture of the ball simultaneously strengthens and tones all major muscles and provides a great, stress-relieving stretch to the back, neck and shoulders.

nutritionNutrition Club:

Getting fit is impossible without the right nutrition. That’s why at Ellen’s Fitness Studio, we provide instruction on what to eat to see results in the gym and in life and how to integrate what you learn into your everyday experience with simple action steps that create big results. It’s easy with the right support and ongoing encouragement.

private healthPrivate Health & Nutrition Coaching:

A high-level personal coaching program is available to members (and non-members) interested in receiving a personalized plan and guidance from Ellen on what to eat to feel and look your best.

private healthMeditation:

Meditation is a tool for rediscovering the body's own inner intelligence. Practiced for thousands of years, it's not about forcing the mind to be quiet; it's about finding the silence that's already there and making it a part of your life. Primordial Sound Meditation is recommended for anyone who wishes to enjoy deeper peace, greater freedom, and mastery of life.